Enlightened and Energized by #etmooc

Posted: January 23, 2013 in ETmooc
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Now this is Online Learning! I can tell, because my brain is exploding!


I took part in my second live session with etmooc yesterday. This one was on connected learning. So I have to say that it felt great to be connecting with other like mind individuals. The ideas flowing out of Alec Couros reinforced by links from Alison Seamen made for something like a mind meld from those old Star Trek shows.


But all kidding aside it really was great. And so are the many posts and ideas coming from my fellow participants. I have taken many online classes over the last couple years. Most have just been structured content based courses. Basically just pushing paper across the net. Nothing but a normal class room substitute. But this feels different. My PLN has expanded greatly. I have gained new motivation to blog. I’m developing my curation process using Evernote. No other class has ever pushed me to do this kind of personal upgrade. Im ready for more. Bring it on!

And to my fellow etmooc participants. Do you feel this way? What has been the experience so far for you? Am I coming down with something? Please let me know with comments.

  1. lindapemik says:

    Thomas, I couldn’t agree more..my brain feels like it is exploding too. In fact I am having a hard time turning my thoughts off and sleeping. Entering a mooc is like going to an all you can eat buffet..lots of choice entrees and desserts. It’s hard to not keep going back for seconds! Like you I have some experience with structured content online courses and am analyzing why this experience in #etmooc is so much more stimulating and energizing. I took a for credit course from Alec Couros , eci831, which had a similar effect on my brain. ( on a slightly smaller scale). Both courses, eci831 and etmooc model a truly learner-centred model of teaching..Perhaps this is what fuels the fire for learning, situated in a framework of shared knowledge and tools that support skill development. Have you come to any conclusions about why this mooc has pushed you to do so much?

  2. Thomas Joseph Okon says:

    Hi Linda, thanks for your comments. I think your right about this mooc pushing me more because its students centered. I have a goal and reason to do things because of the class but get to decide what exactly to do. For instance i have wanted to organize my research with evernote (i’m working on a post right now on how to use it to save article from twitter) and write more on my blog. Without this class I probably still wouldn’t do it. This class has given me more realistic and useable info then most classes with a subject matter you were forced to learn.

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