A Networked Student Using Connectivism

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

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The Networked Student was inspired by CCK08, a Connectivism course offered by George Siemens and Stephen Downes during fall 2008. It depicts an actual projec…

Thomas J Okon‘s insight:

There has been some recent discussion questioning the validity of Connectivism as a learning theory. ( See Keith Wayne Brown) That discussion will certainly continue, but if its not a theory than what? This video shows in simple terms how Connectivism explains the 20th century connected learning process and explains the required behavior of a modern student and Teacher. One could theorize that the ability to incorporate new information into existing knowledge or to synthesize new knowledge from multiple new sources of information derived from a PLN will eventually be a required skill of every student or life long learner.

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  1. Thanks for posting this great video. As a phenomenologist, I find connectivism quite compelling. And actually, I am not sure that it needs to be seen as a “theory” in the sense that it will produce a methodology. Right now what makes it a kind of (Gr. contemplation) is how the basic notions and acts pointed out and described by its advocates really capture the growth of learning possibilities.

  2. Thomas Joseph Okon says:

    Hi Keith,
    Thanks for the comment and likes. I do also enjoy investigating the experience explained by Connectivism. I see it as a foundational framework that enables Cognitive, Behaviorist and Constructivist theories to be used efficiently with technology. I wrote more about this in my research paper How to improve online learning. I look forward to future lively connected discussions.

  3. Where might I find a copy of that Research Paper? Is it here?

  4. Thomas Joseph Okon says:

    Yes on the home page under Research papers- Strategies for improving online learning. enjoy!

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