Introduction to #clmooc – A Connected Avatar

Posted: June 18, 2013 in clmooc, ETmooc
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Does you wish you had an avatar that could coordinate all your e-mail, twitter and blog posts? Sort of like a personal secretary. I know Siri takes care of a lot of things, but not enough. Well I created this Avatar to do my intro for CLMooc. He doesn’t do much else, but it was easier then having to do it myself. Getting dressed and shaving just takes too much time. I want to look good but I’m too busy minding my PLN to bother getting all presentable. So here’s my introduction by Tommy. I look forward to connecting online with you in the future.

  1. Nice. I am always a fan of guitar in avatars and amps that go up to 11 (turn it up!)

  2. Thomas Joseph Okon says:

    Thanks Kevin- I wish my speakers really could go to 11, but my kids have poked out all the cones.

  3. Fred Mindlin says:

    Hi Thomas–I appreciate your enthusiasm for ed tech, and look forward to following your work in the #clmooc – I’m becoming rather more skeptical about technology because I see it being used abusively to condition students and replace and denigrate teachers. Let’s work together on provisioning the good bits…
    Cheers, Fred

  4. Thomas Joseph Okon says:

    Hi Fred, thanks for your comments. In what situations have you seen it being used abusively to condition? If so then the technology is not being used correctly. It seems to me teachers are afraid that technology will replace them. They don’t realize that it can truly enhance their teaching. Tech should not be used to just replace traditional teaching but to enable students to learn at a higher level.
    Have you seen this work? Have a look at this also And some work on Blooms Taxonomy–'s+Digital+Taxonomy
    I hope these article help you see the other side 😉

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