Stephen Downes on Connectivism, Online Learning, and the MOOC

Posted: June 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

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From Stephen’s Web an online WizIQ presentation that looks mostly at the concept of learning theories and MOOCs.

Thomas J Okon‘s insight:

I thought I knew what Connectivism and Connected Learning were. I’ve written about them, I’ve read and curated many articles. Well here’s a new deeper understanding explained by Stephen Downes, one of the founders of Connectivism and MOOC’s. He speaks about Knowledge- its not just in the network- Knowledge IS the network. And about Learning – The "Downes Theory". Then finally, Community- education is not about remembering a body of predifined content, its about the citizens communicating what they know with each other.

Its a long piece, but well worth hearing (or you can have a look at the Slideshare). You’ll likely learn something new, or expand your understanding, like I often do when reading Stephen’s writings.

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