Learning to learn: losing yourself in passion

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

See on Scoop.itHow We Learn

Thomas J Okon‘s insight:

This article brings up some good points. It is geared toward adults but it also is appropiate for a younger audience.

So what can we teach younger students about learning to learn?


We should ask students if  there is a topic that they constantly find themselves coming back to in their reading and conversations? One that, once you start reading about it, the hours pass like minutes?

Asking them to think about this, can stir up their passion for a subject, which then may lead them dive in to it further, through research and other experiences.

Getting students used to this process of investigating their interests, may induce them take the same steps when researching required material in their classes. Then they are not just learning, but also learning how to learn. This may lead to happy fullfilled lifelong learners.

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