The future is now for #learning communities.

Posted: April 11, 2016 in clmooc, ETmooc, Uncategorized

Over the last couple days one of the images from my masters thesis and from this blog has been retweeted and liked more then 20 times. Thanks for sharing Mr Hinchcliffe @dhinchcliffe and others. I know 20 isn’t that many, I’m sure many out there get hundreds of retweets, but for me it was pretty satisfying. What made it surprising though, is that the image was from a five year old post, which of course caused me to reflect on how much has changed.

How an online community uses learning strategies throughout the internet to learn.

How an online community uses learning strategies throughout the internet to learn.

The above image and the same being retweeted was my attempt to explain how some influential learning theories could be used to conduct informal learning online. My research uncovered many learning theories  and I came to the conclusion that the  Cognitive, Constructivist, and Connectivist theories of how we learn, could all be used to learn online.

Whats interesting now, is to see this actually happening. Since this image was created 5 years ago, online learning has made many headlines. From the early cMoocs of  Siemens @gsiemens and Downes @oldaily to xMoocs @coursera@edXOnline and, many, many universities. Online learning has become popular and profitable. Learning is  happening everywhere right now.  On social networks, as evidenced this week, and through out the internet informally and formally using the explosion of educational technologies and devices many schools have adopted today.

So while I agree with Mr Hinchcliffe that “Communities for #learning are changing everything about how we prepare for the future”, I say the future is now. We have already changed, and our continually changing, how we connect with communities .We are prepared to choose how and where we learn what we want to know. Our community is a Twitter PLN,  the blogs we follow, and even the reviews read on Amazon or Yelp. The future for online learning is bright and plentiful. Share it, write about it, and of course retweet it.



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